The title of the certifying entity (Wine & Spirits Education Trust,) its headquarters (London,) and the whole idea of being "trained" in wine appreciation all sound pretty intimidating to those of us whose per bottle wine budget runs sub-Jackson.

I mean, look at that logo!

But I defy anyone to be intimidated by Jimmy Santangelo, whose Wine Academy runs the WSET classes in Utah. I started the Level I course with great trepidation, finished with nervousness and skepticism and find, a year later, that I actually did retain a lot of wine knowledge.

This session's classes will be held at Plum Alley, so the venue will be fun, too.
Go on and invest in yourself and you'll find that in the long run, it helps your wine budget by teaching you to buy better for less.  

Level 1 – Award in Wine $225 - 4 week course

Level 1 Session1: Monday 6:30 – 8:30pm / Classes April 23rd – May 7th / TEST May 14th
Level 1 Session 2: Monday 6:30 – 8:30pm / Classes June 4th – June 18th / TEST June 25th
    •    Teaches basic wine knowledge and matching food with wine
    •    9 hours of wine training
    •    Entry level qualification
    •    Provides a straightforward introduction to wine
    •    Great for enthusiasts and hospitality professionals
    •    Includes study booklet, wine and passing students receive certificate and lapel pin
Level 2 - Award in Wine and Spirits $625 - 9 week course

Level 2 SPRING: Saturday Noon – 2pm / April 14th – June 2nd / TEST June 9th
Level 2 FALL: Saturday Noon – 2pm / September 8th – October 27th / TEST November 3rd
    •    Covers major grape varieties and regions of the world
    •    Taught how to taste wine professionally
    •    9 Week wine course assess over 44 wines, 6 spirits and food matching
    •    Class includes a Textbook, Study-Guide, Tasting Card and six ISO Tasting Glasses
    •    Receive internationally recognized Certificate and Lapel Pin
The registration form is available at
The Wine Academy of Utah is an Approved Program Provider of the Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET). The WSET is the largest wine and spirits education and certification program in the world and its certificates are recognized nationally and internationally.