What was your dream from your childhood? Have you reached that dream? Or are you still struggling looking for a dream? You may even be a parent with teenagers or kids in college, trying to help them find their own dreams. Whatever your situation may be, one book can help you with those dreams.

Shanna Beaman's first book, The Woman's Guide to Living Your Dreams!

Shanna Beaman, a local author from Woodland Hills, UT, has been working on her second book called Onramp to Your Future, due in late spring. Her first book The Woman's Guide to Living Your Dreams and the second book are both self-help guides to help others clarify their goals and make a plan to reach them. But her new book will cover five specific steps of how to stay motivated, as well as other useful tools such as time management, family involvement and accountability.

"I believe anyone can reach any realistic dream, if they’ll just clarify exactly what they want, put together a plan and then take action," Beaman says. "I believe everyone should live their dreams!"

We interviewed Beaman to take a closer look at what she's all about with her new book:

Q: Can you tell me a little bit about your new book Onramp to Your Future?

A: "I am writing Onramp to Your Future particularly for teens, as well as college students who haven’t decided upon a major or a path for their life. This fun and innovative book will inspire young adults to choose a path for life through a series of questions and exercises prompting them to envision their future. It will help them clarify their passions, what they enjoy doing and what they are naturally good at; it will have them analyze their current goals and the purpose for each. Then through a series of step-by-step worksheets in the book, they will begin formulating their plan for life." 

"The book is not just about goal setting and planning; it will be filled with enjoyable and age appropriate ideas on ways to stay focused, the importance of surrounding yourself with good friends and mentors, staying involved in school and other activities, tips on dating, ideas on how to make good choices, the harmful effects of drugs, along with much more. When teens have a focus on their future, they are less likely to get into trouble and more likely to lead an exceptional life."

Q: It seems like your first book was also about dreams and future. What made you want to help others reach for their goals, especially through books?

A: "I love dreaming about my future and knowing I can reach my dreams. I know others have dreams and there are so many people who just don’t know where to start or how to make a plan to reach their dreams, so I decided I wanted to help others because I love success stories; all kinds of successes, big and small."

"I have been fortunate to have mentors in my life that have helped me get to places that I may not have been able to get to without their inspiration. I still have a mentor who motivates and guides me, but not everyone has that opportunity. I decided books are available to everyone. They are an inexpensive media and they can be read at the leisure of the buyer. In a book, I could offer all of my knowledge in one place and guide people step-by-step through a life changing process. I knew I could reach more people and affect more lives by offering this information in a book."

Q: What's your personal frustrations and successes of reaching your own dreams?

A: "I’ve set goals that were too big and that can be discouraging when it happens, but I look back and I took away a lot of knowledge going after those dreams; I know so much more now than I would have, had I not set those goals. I have reached many goals, big and small, in many areas of life such as having been successful in the corporate world, publishing my first book, staying healthy, having a beautiful family who is supportive of my goals and now being able to work from home."

Q: Many people struggle trying to find their passion their whole life. What do you suggest to those who haven't found their dreams yet?

A: "They should write down what they enjoy doing and what they are good at. They should close their eyes and visualize themselves doing or being what makes them happy; this is where they will find their passions. From there, take some time to do some research and figure out how they can incorporate those passions into their life."

Q: Why should people read your new book?

A: "Getting the younger generation to plan for their future will open so many doors that otherwise may never open. Knowing what they want brings awareness and opportunity; it puts their future into focus and solidifies a vision. They will build a plan and begin taking necessary action; planning for college or a career, family, health, finances and other important factors for their future. Now is the time because every day that passes by, is a day you cannot get back. Before they know it, they will be an adult and they will either be what and where they planned or they will be one of the many that are still wondering what’s next. Watch for this book to come out in the late spring."