Not long ago, we reached out to Salt Lake magazine readers to find questions they wanted answered about Utah by experts in the community for a new magazine section. And we got a pretty great response, too, but we need even more good questions. So, fire away! What dirty little secret have you always wanted to know about Utah?

Here are some of the questions we're using so far:

What's the deal with the lights changing color on the Walker Center? Is it done manually or automatic?
—Barry Nelson

What is up with fry sauce? And why is it so popular? Who invented it?

I always seem to hear conflicting stories about the history of the Mountain Meadows Massacre. What really went on? Some say Brigham Young might have known about it. I heard some stories that Paiutes were involved and others that the attackers were trying to frame the Indians…Really, need clarification from someone who has done the research.
—Natalie Walker

How did Jell-O become the official snack food of Utah? Was it created there?

Leave your question in the comments below so we can pose it to an expert and deliver your answer in the next issue of Salt Lake magazine.