Are you ready to panel your walls with wallpaper—with a twist?

Check out the pattern-play created here by checkerboarding square panels of Donghia grasscloth wallpaper set horizontally and vertically. The crew at John Brooks Inc designed this custom treatment to provide a unique, texture-rich backdrop for their Donghia collections. Very cool.

And it’s a treatment that would be just at home in anyone’s pad. Want to take it a step further? What about using striped and other bold linear patterns that would accentuate the effect? The options are endless. Have any of you customized wallcoverings to make your own unique decorative treatments? We’d love seeing more ideas!

Large-scale squares of striated grasscloth create a subtle, sophisticated checkerboard effect.

The wall treatment provides a modern yet timeless backdrop for Donghia’s stunning furnishings.

A close-up look shows the importance of making certain the seams between the panels are clean and sharp.

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