It's officially spring. Ya'll winter sports lovers need to get ready to settle down... in a month. Yes, you still have a whole month until April showers bring May flowers, and Alta is willing to give you a tight schedule on the slopes!

The resort's "April Pass" will give you access to all of their lifts from April 2 to the resort's final closing day April 29. Even though the resort will open only on weekends after April 15, you will still have 20 ski days. Let's help you do your math: Considering the price of $199 a pass (or $99 for children 12 and under), it be worth buying if you plan on going every weekend, or it can cost you only about $10 a day (or $5 for your kids) if you ski every day.

We've done the math, so if you are down, buy the pass here for pickup on or after April 2 at the Alta Ski Area Ticket Office.