City Creek is finally open. Are you sick of hearing about it yet? 

Utahns have responded to their new downtown in massive hordes–last Saturday, the human throng was shoulder to shoulder, milling around the fountains and buskers, checking out everything from Hugo Boss to GNC.

And searching for something to eat. As my friend Ted Scheffler pointed out in his City Weekly column, in terms of City Creek dining, there's not a lot of there, there. Blue Lemon is the only locally owned sit-down restaurant. Cheesecake Factory with its mysteriously granted liquor license, is nothing new in SLC. Tejas de Brazil is, but we do have other churrascarias. So the food court, and its adjoining play area, is swarming with families, swarming like a blacktop road in Mormon cricket season. Taste of Red Iguana is serving food every 90 seconds, says Iguana co-owner Bill Coker.

As long as you're downtown, and parked, why not leave the City Creek fortress for a few minutes and check out some of downtown SLC's other places to eat? Martine, Copper Onion, Plum Alley, Zy, Bambara, Beer Hive, Naked Fish, Takashi, Ruth's Chris...

Walk over to J. Wong's and sample some things from their new dim sum

or Chinese gourmet menus–yesterday, we tasted the crispy game hen (your kids will like this one),

along with the fantastic Chinese broccoli,

the clay pot tofu,

the char sil bao, steamed and fried,

the siu mai... Jordan Wong isn't doing the traditional Sunday trolley dim sum, but offers it as a small plate alternative at lunch and dinner. Smart, I think. Check it out.

If you want to eat and walk, pick up lunch at the Curryer,

the Mr. and Mrs.-owned food cart in town with a built-in tandoor,

so your choice of curry

comes with a freshly baked piece of naan. Soooo good.