Here's something I bet you didn't know: every item at Nineteen70 costs less than $50. Yes, this is awesome.

When store owner Chelsea Roth-Abbott planned the opening last March, she wanted to feature both fashion and afforability. Even the display fixutres in the store were repurposed to create a enviornmentally friendly feel.

It's time to update your warm weather wardrobe, and this store has everything to suit your fancy - even on a budget.

What trends will Nineteen70 be featuring this spring and summer?

Lots of color: corals, mustards, and teals. We have tons of fun dresses, maxis, jeans, ruffles, lace - all very feminine and stylish.  We try to have something for every age and every style from traditional to funky.

ruffle and striped, tie-dyed dress, $37

Distroyed Sweater by Ya, $25 

What fashion staples should every woman have?

A great pair of jeans or leggings and lots of layering pieces. You can wear skinnies or leggings with short dresses, blouses, and sweaters. To refresh an old outfit, add a colorful cardigan or coverup. You can also add a lace under-T to a maxi dress to give it a new look.  
Butterfly sleever sweater, $32
What's the best way to accessorize an outfit?
A great belt or jewelry. Belts can bring out the colors in what you're wearing, plus they are slimming. Also, a fun piece of jewelry like a mustache necklace or peacock earrings are cute. They complete an outfit and can be conversation pieces.
Wooden Bird Necklaces, $19.70 (comes on a 30" ball chain)
Visit Nineteen70 at 1927 Murray Holladay Road #1927, Holladay, 801-272-1202.