Usually around this time of the year, we start thinking about that nagging little thing called spring cleaning. Ahh, that time when you find yourself staring at piles of unused stuff and wondering what on earth you're going to do with it all.

Recently, Utah blogger and new mom Alison Herzog found herself in this exact situation, amidst a pile of new and gently used items that she knew she wouldn't use, but that could benefit someone else. That's when Alison teamed up with local food blogger, Tiffany Spegar, and The Surplus Project was born. 

The Surplus Project creator, Alison Herzog, with her son.

Here's the idea: with so many options for donating in Utah, why not donate to all of them? The Surplus Project will hold its first collection this Saturday, April 21 at Sugarhose park from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. Click here for a list of needed items.  The items will then be donated to the YWCA: Women in Jeopardy, Rescue Haven and The Road Home

If you're all out of goods to donate, you can also donate funds. Visit The Surplus Project's website for more information on fund donation.

So there you have it: a feel-good solution to your spring cleaning woes.