I guess I'm just ornery. But I'm tired of City Creek bashing. It's just a mall, after all, and not much better or worse than most other malls, except for the weird overlay rules from the LDS church–no alcohol, no tattoos, no Sunday shopping–which they claim aren't theirs.

The food is generally awful, like it is in most malls, including Gateway, the mall that killed downtown and instigated the church to build a new mall downtown to replace the old downtown malls that Gateway replaced.

Are you following this?

Anyway, I'm glad to be able to buy a Clinique lipstick downtown. I go see movies at Gateway. And I'm glad both places have at least one decent option when it comes to food.

If Gateway goers can work up the courage to cross 400 West, they'll be rewarded, like I was with a terrific sandwich at Pallet: Grilled cheese made with Beehive cheddar, red pear, arugula and honey. My lunch buddy had a club: house-roasted turkey, artisan bacon, tomato and avocado on toasted artisan bread.

If City Creek shoppers fight their way past the Sbarro lines, they can lunch on a porchetta sandwich–roast pork and green garlic sauce on bread baked before your very eyes, with a side of curried Israeli couscous, at Bocata.

Or a caprese, with fresh mozzarella and tomatoes. Or a BLT.

And a pear salad with pecans.

I'd eat it more often if it wasn't in a mall, but this is good food.

So quit your bellyaching, as my grandfather used to say, and enjoy your lunch.