Dating, love and relationships have always been a big part of Baya Voce's life.

But after she left Utah to join the cast of The Real World Brooklyn and travelled the county as a club DJ, she came home to SLC to find a dry, dull dating scene. So, she teamed up with Amber Holcombe, a local who was just as frustrated, to spice things up.

Together, Voce and Holcombe formed AmberMay Dating Services.

Now, the duo provides Salt Lakers with consultations to prep for dates, speed dating events, date and proposal planning and singles' mixers. After a series of consultations, which Voce compares to training for a marathon, you'll get thrown in a matchmaking pool of singles in the area.

Not a bad idea for those who can't figure out why their dating life isn't what they want it to be.

Amber Holcombe with Baya Voce at Kristauf's.

We gave Voce a quick call today to talk dating in SLC, and what you can expect from using AmberMay's services.

Have any of your experiences on The Real World factored into AmberMay?

"I grew up in Salt Lake, so when I moved to New York for The Real World, the arts, culture and nightlife were like nothing I ever experienced before. Then, I started DJing and completely immersed myself into everything New York had to offer. So, I bring something to AmberMay that really only living in that mecca of diversity could have spawned."

And at AmberMay's events, have you done any DJ work?

"I might start incorporating my DJ work into the singles' mixers we do. They are available for people to get to know us and who we are. If we start doing some mixers at clubs, I might DJ there."

Can you give me an example of some proposals you've planned?

"We do date and proposal planning, which can be really elaborate or really intimate. We're a really new company, and right now we're in the process of planning some proposals that will be incredible, so I don't want to give away too many details." 

How can someone sign up for a proposal?

"The process for setting up a proposal is filling out an index questionnaire and then meeting with us one on one for a consultation so our experts can get a feel for your personality, and that's how we execute a fabulous proposal. And you'll get all the credit."

Anything else you'd like Salt Lake magazine readers to know?

"We also plan big group dates for people. I know people here kind of like to do the group thing, so that's also something we cover with the date planning."


AmberMay is offering anyone who likes them on facebook at and mentions this blog in an email to Voce at a FREE initial consultation. 


Mixer at Kristauf's Martini Bar (ages 21 to 35, cocktail dress), Thursday, April 26 at 8:30 p.m.

Mixer at Green Pig (ages 21 to 35, casual dress), Tuesday, May 1 at 8:30 p.m. 

Mixer at Habits (ages 35 to 55, cocktail dress), Tuesday, May 15 at 8:30 p.m.