We've had a few solid weeks of sunshine, and even though the slopes just got a few fresh inches, it looks like it's all May flowers from here. So whether you're walking to the corner market or spending the whole afternoon outdoors, you're going to need a good SPF to guard your skin from cancer and accelerated aging. But though most potions promise protection (and actually get the job done), they are NOT all created equal. Some clog pores, some feel watered-down, some stay greasy for hours. 

I did the dirty work for you, and sweat my way through bottles of different brands to come up with the top three sunscreens for everyday wear.

Avalon Organics CoQ10 Wrinkle Defense Cream with SPF, $17; Harmons

Not only is it good for repelling rays, but you can also feel good about wearing it. The mousse-like serum consists of honest ingredients that instantly absorb for uber-moisturized (but not oily) skin. Like the Neova lotion, this cream does double duty by protecting AND repairing with a powerful antioxidant aimed at energizing new skin cells. Every ingredient seems to play a role in this cream, and you've gotta love the subtle glow you get starting at the first application!

NEOVA DNA Damage Control Everyday SPF 43, $39; NEOVA.com

This lightweight, face-friendly lotion set the bar high for all sunblocks to come. It doesn't feel greasy, it disappears instantly into your skin, and actually leaves your skin looking better (that's right, no spontaneous breakouts here). Plus, it contains DNA repair enzymes said to REVERSE sun damage. I tested it out on a sunburn once, and it cleared up in hours. Magical stuff; worth every penny.

Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer Effect Sunscreen Lotion, $9.99; Ulta

I am a huge fan of shimmer lotion (it helps disguise imperfections like cellulite), and now you can ensure your shimmer protects AND deflects. This is a great lotion that spreads evenly over large areas (like your gams!), and helps flatter your skin (not coat you in a mask of white) with flecks of gold. Definitely a must-have for runners, sunbathers and anyone else wearing very little clothing!

And it's worth noting that these days, everything from your everyday moisturizer to your mineral makeup contains sunblocking properties, so look for ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide on the labels. But, again, it never hurts to over-protect when it comes to that alluring summer sun.