Unless you live under a rock, you know that Tastemakers is on for this Thursday and Friday evenings. Salt Lake magazine and the Downtown Alliance put their brilliance together to come up with this sipping and savoring around town event for the first time last year. On one ticket you get two nights of tastes from some of Utah's finest chefs, some grouped in the Tasting Pavilion next to Squatters Pub Brewery and some on a stroll around downtown Salt Lake to Ruth's Chris, J. Wong, Naked Fish, Pallet and more. Plus wines to pair with the foods (in various service options because of our darling legislature), plus extra benefits that last all summer long.

We kicked off the event by inviting all the participants to a party at Roth Distributing showrooms where Chef Rubadue served the chefs and restaurateurs a spread of charcuterie and cheese, cheese topped with peppers and baked in pastry and marvelous Thai crab cakes topped with a section of red grapefruit on each one.

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited on a field trip with Ethan Lappe, chef-owner of Caffe Niche, up to Tifie Ranch, where he and his crew get the organic vegetables and eggs (and soon, baby goat) served in the restaurant. Specifically, on this visit, Lappe was checking on the progress of his radishes, which he will harvest in time for Tastemakers.

He's going to make a simple French favorite, perfect for this time of year: a radish and butter sandwich, a beautifully barebones morsel that depends on the contrast between the sharp bite of the root and the creamy butter.

Want to know how to make one? Watch Ethan on KUTV2 Wednesday morning.