The company in Meat and Marrow | Photographer John Brandon

SB Dance is back with its new show Of Meat and Marrow. Stephen Brown's company is edgy, innovative, contemporary and, this show in particular, celebrates the human body and the amazing things it can do. The company known for their offbeat sense of humor, tackling of raw issues (but without taking themselves too seriously) and nudity. SB Dance, founded by Director and Choreographer Stephen Brown in 1996, is starting the season strong with a new show, new programs, new associate director and new board members.

Stephen Brown in Meat and Marrow

Of Meat and Marrow is descriped as "a juicy, nose-to-tail look at these little corpses we carry around." This is a show for mature viewers, as you can see from the pictures be prepared to see a bunch of skin. Runs 60 min without an intermission.

Jenny Larsen and Nathan Shaw in Meat and Marrow

The talented dancers in this show are familiar faces from such companies as RDT, Raw Moves and Ririe Woodbury. They are Liberty Valentine, Juan Carlos Claudio, Nathan Shaw, Jenny Larsen, Christine Hasegawa, Ursula Perry and Toni Lugo. The show also has actor Brenda Sue Cowley.

The details:

June 8, 9, 15 and 16 at 8pm; June 17 at 4pm
Tickets at Arttix: $17.50 General /$12.00 Students and Artists

June 8 Special: Opening Night SHOW + PARTY
See the electric opening and then join us onstage for food, bev, and company. To make your reservation, call Arttix at 801-355-ARTS and use the pass code "Uncover Utah". Suggested donation $30.