Your summer BBQ may require a chafer that you simply do not have on hand.

No worries, creating your own chafer to help keep food warm is easy. Start with 10 bricks, easily available from your local hardware store, liquid fuel, also available from most hardware stores, sporting good stores and even grocery stores and a medium-size wok available from any house ware outlet (be sure the wok has an inner plate).

Place five bricks in a pentagon shape, allowing for a center open space. Top with a second layer of five bricks. Be sure the open holes of the bricks are facing outward and inward to create an air flow for the flame. 

Cuisine Unlimited often uses a wok that has a flat plate to create a chafer.

This allows for water at the bottom of the wok to steam hot food without putting it directly in the liquor or at the bottom of the pan in contact with the flame. Placing food directly on the bottom of the wok will burn the contents. A water barrier is necessary to create liquid heat and still protect the food.

Place the plate over the water and the food on top of the plate. Start with hot water and allow about 10–15 minutes for the liquid fuel to steam the water. Place food on the wok plate and cover. This will keep food hot for up to two hours.

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And enjoy...


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