Today is the last day of Stephen Brown's latest work, Of Meat and Marrow, and the first official day of Frody Volgger's newest work, Caputo's Old World Butcher Shop.

A meat-filled weekend, for sure.

We went to Stephen Brown's show last night at Rose Wagner, and it was a beautiful show–only an hour long, lean and tightly edited, eaach section moving fluidly into the next with none of the teeth-gritting indulgent passages that inspire yawns or giggles in so many dance pieces.

Not that there weren't laughs–Stephen and working partner Winnie Wood never take themselves too seriously, even in this tale of a recently dead woman searching for the afterlife. Dance often borders on self-parody, so humor is a dangerous thing play with. You can end up with the embarassing question, are they laughing with me or at me? But there's no danger of that in Meat and Marrow; the audience was amused. And amazed, too, at the power and grace of this ad hoc group of local dancers.

Meanwhile, down the street at Caputo's, Frody Volgger is hand-cutting locally and sustainably raised lamb, beef and pork, and making them into artisanal hams and sausages.

Obviously, it's a weekend to enjoy getting in touch with your carnivorous self.