Our 2012 Best of the Beehive tribute to the places we loved shopping that are no longer with us.

Frosty Darling

Frosty Darling
We’ll miss the gifts, candy and Pee-wee’s Playhouse toys, but most of all, we’ll miss the cupcake socials at this former Broadway staple.

Slowtrain Records
This was once a haven for the Wasatch Front’s hipsters, where they could talk indie rock and vinyl's superior sound quality. We’ll miss all the new, yet hard-to-find music, and amazing in-store performances.

Blue Cockatoo
The 9th & 9th area just isn’t the same without this brightly blue-painted boutique full of chunky bracelets, Uglydolls and other cute gifts. 

Brick & Mortar Skateboarding
It just fit. Near In the Venue and FrontRunner, this was the perfecr spot to shop for gear, clothes and shoes, skate downtown, catch a concert and take the last train home.

Cobwebs Antiques
In addition to old knickknacks you’ve never seen, Cobwebs had nostalgia pinned down with toys made during your childhood. Now, we just get nostalgic for this store.

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