As I said in my last post about Savor the Summit, one of the highlights is just looking at tables and seeing how different restaurants create unique one-night ambiance for their guests.

The best food event in Utah–and that's saying a lot–Park City Area Restaurant Association's annual Savor the Summit fundraiser features the longest dinner table at 7,000 feet. All of Main Street is closed to vehicles for the event and tables are placed end to end down its length for the amazing al fresco feast at the Grande Table.

Bill White Restaurant Group's tables, Wahso and Chimayo, are always amazing, but last year's Talisker on Main table with its rustic trellis made of avalanche-felled aspen trunks was a showstopper, too.

Last year was Talisker's first time at Savor the Summit; this year, another restaurant from the giant Canyons-Talisker resort, The Farm, will make its debut on Main Street. Canyons/Talisker's executive chef John Murcko is cut from the same extravagant cloth as Bill White, so the Farm's table will be one to gawk at.

The Farm team will be will be cooking on the deck outside of Talisker on Main and capitalizing on “nose-to-tail” interest, Murcko and his team have bought an entire cow which they will use for both Talisker on Main and The Farm. So there will be some less common cuts of beef featured in various courses.

(Lucky diners–I was a judge at Nicholas & Co.'s Ultimate Chef Challenge the year that the surprise ingredient was a side of beef which the chefs had to break down and prepare. Murcko and Clement Gelas, now chef at Slopes, served so many courses of creatively prepared meat that victory was inevitable. And by the way, Murcko won again this year, without the beef.)

Sommelier Sean Marron has two wine pairings for The Farm diners, including one which features bio-dynamic wines.
Murcko also promises a big visual surprise for The Farm diners–top secret. I've been given some hints, but my lips are sealed…I'll be Tweeting photos on Saturday night.

Even though Savor the Summit's big table sells out every year, Main Street is open to pedesstrians who want to shop, eat at a non-participating restaurant and enjoy the music at Mountain Sounds Stage and a drink in the Spirits Garden.