We chose Thursday as our day at the annual Utah Arts Festival at Library Square, because McMurtry and his Heartless Bastards (not to be confused with other Heartless Bastards) was playing on the big hill at 8:30. Irascible and grumpy as ever–much like his old man Larry–McMurtry is one of the best songwriters around, and unabashedly political–refreshing in an era of persistently cool cynicism. The hard-driving, bass-thumping bluesy Texas sound gave substande to the pissed-off lyrics–you know, you could dance out your anger.

Before and after, we checked out the rest of the fest. It runs through Sunday.

Here's what sand sculptor Ted Seibert had accomplished by Thursday afternoon. The image of a flamenco dancer should be close to finished now.

And here are the graffiti artists at their ongoing painting in the Urban Art section of the festival.

Lots of people made wildly successful hats. eat your heart out, Bill Cunningham.

PB&J girl was making the rounds of the whole festival, for those who needed sustenance NOW.

We opted for an Italian grilled cheese from Melty Way. With a cold beer from Uintah, of course.

I didn't have a chance to ask what this guy's story is; sometimes you just enjoy looking.

Oh, yeah. And there's art. Glass was big this year. I loved these drinking glasses with bottoms made of dichroic glass so they seem to change color as you fill them and tilt to sip. The artist (from Seattle) is Marcia Wiley. She's in Booth 54.

One of my absolute favorite artists; I've seen her work in past years. Take a very close look: this is all quilt piecework, amazingly detailed and beautifully whimsical. It's Chris Antieau's work in Booth 46.

And these wood knives are amazing. Colten Tippets in Booth 49, makes metal-bladed ones too.

These amazing stilt-walking Venetian Carnevale-looking creatures, stalked the grounds, stealing people's hats. They are made and manned by members of Dragon Knight Stilt Theater. Look up.

Yes, fun for all, as they say. Even UAF queen Eugenie Hero-Jaffe and kids.