It's not just her black tutus, ripped fishnets and oversized hair bows that make this nightlife beauty queen look like a living doll, but also her butterfly-lash doe eyes, neon-pink pout and flawless-skin finish. So how does fashion and beauty enthusiast Ashley Graves get her look? She spilled some juicy secrets to Beauty Buff for this month's famous face report.

Jane Iredale Beauty Balm and Brightener, $49.99; Image Studios

"This product hasn’t even hit the market yet. It comes out July 3. I was lucky enough to sample this product for the past few days and it is AMAZING. It’s a full coverage liquid foundation, all natural and oil free. It goes on smooth and lasts all day/night. I’ve never found a better foundation, and it’s good for your skin."

DUO Lashes and Lash Glue, $10-$12; Target

"Everyone knows the latest makeup trend is false lashes. I wear them religiously. The best lashes out there are DUO Lashes and Lash glue. You can buy them together or seperately. I’ve never had lashes last so long, or look so natural."

MAC Amber Lights Eyeshadow, $14; Nordstrom

"The best way to bring out any eye color is a copper or bronze based color. Amber lights is nice because it lightens my eyes and has a lot of pigment in it so you only have to use a little. I usually will put it all over my eye and take it out into the sides of my eyes and blend it in to my bronzer. It creates a really beachy fun effect!"

Facial Masques, prices vary; Mountain Body Spa and Herbal Cosmetic Deli

"The drive to Park City is totally worth it. They have an array of facial masques that you can scoop into a container, weigh it and buy it. All the products are made locally and from ingredients that come from Utah. Think mud, clay, etc. My favorite is the Seaweed Detoxifying Masque. Keep them in the fridge, they will last you about six to seven months." 


Victoria’s Secret Baked Bronzing Pressed Powder, $16; Victoria's Secret

"I never thought I would stop using MAC Skin Finishers, but this bronzer is the real deal. Not only does it set in my makeup, but you can contour with the darker bronzer (Goddess) and use the lighter bronzer (Glowing) as a skin finisher and powder. It’s all-day wear and my skin has never felt so smooth. It also keeps that healthy summer glow on your face year round!"

MAC False Lashes Extreme Black Mascara, $14; Nordstrom

"If you are layering it on your false lashes or just using it alone, it’s going to give you the perfect amount of volume and length. I used to swear by MAC Plush Lash, but it doesn’t do the lengthening like this one does."


NARS Blush in Orgasm, $18; Nordstrom/Sephora

"NARS is known for it’s edgy image and bright colors. This blush is the perfect amount of peach and pink for anyone. It’s really natural and gives you a great glow above your contour with your bronzer. Don’t let the name scare you away, because after you try the blush on the apples of your cheeks, you will swear by it."

MAC Studio Fix Plus, $18; Nordstrom

"I never thought there would be a product to brighten dull makeup or set makeup in, but thanks to MAC Studio Fix Plus my thoughts changed on that. It brightens makeup after that dull look sets in around 2 p.m. at work, or completely sets your make up in after you apply. I’ve noticed my makeup stays all day instead of till noon."

Jane Iredale Bitty Brow Kits, $30-$40; Image Studios

"I never thought I needed to fill in my brows. But once I did I couldn’t not fill in my brows. It really defines your face and brings out your eyes. This comes with a cream to mix the brow powder with, you you can go for a bolder look, or go for a softer look with just the powder."


MAC Creamsheen Lipstick in Ravishing, $14; Nordstrom

"Peach is the color of the summer. Let’s face it, I never thought it would make a comeback like it did, but now I’m obsessed. My favorite peach colored lipstick out there right now is MAC Creamsheen Lipstick in Ravishing. It’s the perfect amount of peach and nude. You get a really beachy, fun feel from this lipstick. I highly recommend it for the season."

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