More and more, bathrooms have become a major focus for design when building, remodeling or redecorating.

Everyone dreams of an expansive bathroom, with a large bathtub, luxe textiles, expansive vanity and more storage than you know what to do with. It doesn’t take a lot of space to create something that feels grand.

These are my easy steps to incorporate more space into a small bathroom:

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1. Opt for a two-in-one unit

The traditional tub/shower combination has always been a smart way to make the most of a small bathroom's space. For those seeking a cutting-edge approach, this sink/shower units saves space in a very unique manner.

The Totem by Emme Group Design

2. The more compact the toilet, the better

Old toilets are large and less efficient. Consider a compact toilet. They’re the same as a round-front model, yet still provide the comfort of an elongated seat. Added bonus? They’re more Earth-friendly.

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3. Go lower (with your bathtub)

Lower bathtub profiles can give the illusion of more space. A lower-walled model, like a five-foot tub with a flat bottom, is the perfect size for all combo showers and baths.

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4. Downsize your vanity

Install a petite vanity, small pedestal sink or wall-mounted sink to save space. Use that space for something else like a bench or other storage unit.

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5. Streamline your shower

Sliding doors or shower screens don’t require door clearance. Added bonus? The clear glass acts as a window, opening up your small space even more.

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Michele Wheeler is the VP, Architecture + Design for Denton House Design Studio in Salt Lake City.

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