At one point, six fires were blazing across Utah; and most of them forced hundreds of people from their homes with a moment's notice. Some of you reading this were likely among the evacuees, left with time to snag nothing more than a duffle bag of photos before running out the door. In this case, our regard for personal effects like clothes and toiletries goes out the window, so the Utah Red Cross says it’s smart to have a pre-packed hygiene kit, which could serve as a small luxury when forced to camp out at the high school-turned-fire shelter. Here are some suggested items for your kit:

1. Dental Essentials

If I can't convince you to pack travel-size toothpaste, a toothbrush, dental floss (that can moonlight as twine) and mouthwash (which multi-purposes as an anti-bacterial treatment and deodorant), at least store some disposable toothbrushes like these, found here.

2. Wet Wipes

A Costco-sized pack can hold hours of poor-man's showers, and also serve to clean spots out of clothing, sanitize surfaces, be used as toilet paper and everything else we love these things for.

3. Feminine Hygiene

Imagine being stuck without a convenience store when the time hits! Don't make yourself extra-miserable by leaving these out.

4. Sunscreen

Use it as your lotion, while ensuring that time spent outside (which could be a lot in this situation) doesn't leave you with a nasty burn.  

5. Comb and Hair elastics

Showers will be few and far between, so make sure your hair doesn't get nappy by combing often, and tying it back in a ponytail (or cute piggy-braids). Hair elastics, as we ladies know, can serve other purposes, as well.

6. Shower gel

Include one bottle of all-in-one shampoo/shower gel to use to wash your hair, body, clothes, dishes, etc. It can also be used in place of shaving cream (which reminds me, pack razors if you think of it, but in an emergency, this wouldn't be my main concern). Philosophy makes a good one.

7. Deodorant 

That is, if you don't already go au-natural, using only essential oils like me. 

These are the basics, but think of the items you use every day (and would REALLY be miserable without), and pack a mini-version in your preparedness kit. You can fit all this stuff in a tiny makeup bag, which you could place in an empty duffle bag for easy access when an emergency comes up. Here's to good vibes that it doesn't come to that. 'Nuff said.