Even though I have many Mormon and ex-Mormon friends, I’ve never been able to get my head around ex-Mormon syndrome.

If you’ve lived in Utah more than 10 minutes, you’ve heard about someone who “resigned” from the church followed by a compulsion to get their name “off the rolls.”

The only thing more baffling and annoying than zealous Mormons are zealous ex-Mormons. That resigning from the LDS Church is about the same as writing a letter to Santa Claus to tell Mr. Kringle you don’t believe in him anymore seldom gets a laugh from these folks. On the other hand, it must be liberating to blame one’s fucked-up personal life solely on one’s former religion.

Still, breaking up with the Mormon Church is apparently a gargantuan deal, at least for the 150 ex-Mormons who climbed Ensign Peak Saturday to “declare their independance” from the church.

Besides annoying Mitt Romney by dragging his quirky co-religionists into the spotlight again, that hot, dusty hike didn’t seem particularly newsworthy. Could you imagine a headline: “150 Cranky ex-Episcopalians resign en masse?”

I thought it was an interesting call by The Trib not to send a photographer for what could have been a spectacular photo that probably would have bumped the story onto the Yahoo News rotator.

Marco Rubio

Why can’t ex-Mormons just followed the lead of potential Mitt running mate and ex-Mormon Marco Rubio? Just walk away.