Who says chocolate doesn't do you any good? The Chocolate Conspiracy is at the Downtown Farmers Market every week to prove you can eat good quality, delicious and healthy chocolate bars.

Their chocolate is a combination of the best raw, organic, fairly-traded and, wild-crafted ingredients from around the world. Another very special ingredient is the raw unfiltered honey, which is sourced locally and sustainably. They never use refined or processed sweeteners, and the addition of honey to their chocolate is what makes The Chocolate Conspiracy so unique.

We chatted with AJ Wentworth, the man in charge of The Chocolate Conspiracy, at the Farmers Market.

Most people consume 12 to 16 pounds of chocolate per year, but not AJ. For the last three years, he has consumed an average of 40 to 50 pounds of chocolate. This man really loves chocolate, and he also knows a lot about it. It all began because of his passion for raw vegan desserts, especially strong raw cacao.

He's channeling that love for chocolate into his own local shop on 900 South 265 East, which opens July 23.

In the meantime, come by to the Downtown Farmers Market located at Pioneer Park to meet Wentworth, and try some of the best organic chocolate bars in town.