Arielle Martin, who was born and raised in Utah, is heading to the 2012 London Olympics. She is one of two women on Team USA’s 2012 Olympic BMX race team.

“I’m so excited to be going there. I’m absolutely thrilled to be representing my country,” she says. Martin can see the gleam of gold in her eye. When asked if she has a shot at a medal Martin replied, “I’d like to think so, yeah.”

As people gather around their TV’s to watch Martin compete, she says if they are not familiar with the sport to get ready for some speed. “We’re not out there doing tricks, we’re racing," she says. "It's an all out sprint."

In London, she predicts the race will be about 40 to 42 seconds long, but she’s been biking for almost as long as she could walk.

When Martin was a child she loved her BMX bike because it gave her a chance to get out and play in the mud. “When I was really little it was just so much fun to be in the dirt and to be going fast. Twenty-one years later, not much has changed. The thing that got me in to the sport is still the thing that I love about it,” Martin says.

When she was younger it didn’t seem strange to her that she was one of the few girls at the track. “I was raised by parents who told me I could to anything I wanted to,” she says. Today Martin appreciates it for different reasons. “I love being a woman in a male dominated sport,” she says.

Martin enjoys talking to young girls and encouraging them to pursue things they believe might not be possible. “I love working with kids and inspiring them," she says. "That’s what makes my calling complete.”

Watch for her in London this July.