We stood in line for 15 minutes upstairs at Silver waiting for our sip but when we got to the bar, the pourer said, "Sorry. It's 6:50. That's last call." And that was his final word.
First of all, "Last call" means last call, not last pour.
Secondly, we were standing in front of the pour station the whole time and no announcement was ever made.

I'll hurry to say this wasn't Silver management's fault. It was just another glitch in the boozearama called Park City Food & Wine Classic.

Of course, not getting a drink was not most people's problem. We had arrived late for the Friday night Main Street Grand Tasting Stroll, anyway. The $70 per person event was billed as an opportunity to taste a "different variety of wines and delicious culinary bite-size samples" by strolling from restaurant to restaurant along Park City's Main Street.

Instead, organizers may have described it as "MTV Spring Break in Park City," because this event was basically a drunkfest. Food was scarce and/or thoughtless. From the other foodies I've talked to, I understand that the Grand Tasting at the Canyons on Sunday was pretty much the same.

I had seriously hoped this year's PCFW would be different because the event, run by an out-of-state organizer as usual, had a lot more local input.

But, not.

Except for Savor the Summit, Park City–surprisingly–doesn't have a food event worthy of the town's restaurants.

Perhaps that's why so few local restaurants participate.