Just in time for Discovery Channel's Shark Week, The Living Planet Aquarium has announced the arrival of five shark pups.

Now, the three young Gray Reef Sharks (like the one pictured) and two Blacktip Reef Sharks are on display in the aquarium's Ocean Explorer gallery. And even though they're very young, they measure three feet and could potentially reach eight. 

Take the kids to the aquarium to check out the smaller sharks this weekend.

Originally from Australia, the pups were flown to Los Angeles in self-contained, water-tight tanks with battery-powered aerators, and then drove over night to the aquarium. They'll make one more trip, this time to Draper, when the Living Planet moves into their new location in late 2013.

Living Planet Aquarium, 725 E. 10600 South, Sandy, 801-355-3474
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