We know Utah doesn't technically have beaches, but we have absolutely gorgeous lakes to spend sunny summer days. I went to Bear Lake this week, and felt inspired to talk about some beachy trends we can find here in Utah.

One of the greatest trends for this summer are the swimsuits from Persona Swimwear. Emily Senders designs unique, modest, and vintage swimsuits for any body type. It's so hard to find a great quality swimsuit that fits well, but like Senders says, "Stop feeling bad about your body! It's not your body, it's the swimsuit!" With a passion for designing great beachy pieces, Senders focuses on quality and comfort. Who says you can't feel good in a swimsuit? She says, "Yes, you can!" 

The Paris swimsuitPersona Swimwear, $137.

Apt.202 has a lot of great options as well. Sunscreens are not the only way to protect you from the sun. Hats and sunglasses are extremely important as well.

Glasses, $5 | Hat (also comes in white), $35 | BCBG jelly sandals, $49

And now some great news: Right now, shoes are 30% off at Apt. 202!

Check out this floral dress from Fresh. It's perfect to wear anytime of day, and you can also wear it over your swimsuit. With the options above and this dress, you'll be ready to rock the beach party.

Floral Dress, Fresh, $64 

If you have trouble carring your water bottles when you go to the lake, when you travel, or when you're going for a picnic your problems are solved with this bag. You can fit up to nine bottles on it, and travel in peace without spilling your drinks all over. It comes in a lot of fun colors. Besides, it's a great gift.

Just a quick gift idea, since today is International Friendship Day: Fill some cool glass bottles with different kinds of juices or any drink that you like, and place them in the bag. Your friend will love the bag and the drinks.

Drink Carrier, Hip & Humble, $17

And here is just a picture of Bear Lake this week, just to get you inspired to go out and check our great beachy local findings.