Counting Crows recently dropped a covers album, “Underwater Sunshine (Or What We Did On Our Summer Vacation).” Now the band has hit the road for their Outlaw Roadshow Tour, which is coming to town on August 8.

"Underwater Sunshine" was an eye opener for Counting Crows frontman and vocalist Adam Duritz. “After making this album I realized how limiting it is to spend an entire career working with one writer,” he says, adding that covering songs, “was like collaborating with a lot of people even though they weren’t there.”

Some of the “collaborations” didn’t make the final cut. “We just picked the songs we liked. Some worked out and some didn’t. Sometimes your interpretation of them sucks,” Duritz says. “Some of them were so bad it’s just humorous.”

At the end of the day he’s happy with the band’s latest work. “I love it. It’s probably the most enjoyable album we’ve ever made,” Duritz says.

Tunes from "Underwater Sunshine" that have been performed during the tour include "Hospital" by Coby Brown and "Mercy" by Tender Mercies.

“It’s the best tour I’ve ever been on. There’s something really great about being around all the other bands,” Duritz says. At the Outlaw Roadshow Tour, fans can hear the crooning of We Are Augustines, Kasey Anderson and the Honkies, and Field Report. “Part of it, for me, is that most of the time touring is a really solitary thing. You never get to have four bands running around the country together.”

Duritz is excited about having the company and audiences have been receptive to the additional talent. “By the time we take the stage, the audience is so keyed up it’s great,” Duritz says. It has also motivated him to bring his A game. “There’s no way you can watch three bands be great and then not go on stage and want to be great.”

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