A Mitt Romney aide's decisive, if earthy, choice of words in dealing with the international media earlier this week wouldn't shock volunteers at the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics, where Mitt himself used far nastier language on a harried volunteer.

It's one thing for press secretary Rick Gorka to tell rude reporters,  "Shove it up your ass!", as they shouted the very questions Mitt had successfully avoided during the overseas trip.

But it's quite another for Mitt to unleash the mighty F-bomb on an 18-year-old volunteer who was struggling with a traffic jam? Shaun Knopp, a volunteer Olympic venue security cop trying to untangle some buses, said Romney asked him “who the f**k” he was and “what the f**k” he was doing. As substantiated by a sheriff's deputy, Mitt went on to say: “We got the Olympics going on, and we don’t need this s**t going on.”

Mitt, of course, later flip-flopped on his very human moment: “I would not, have not, and never would use the f-word.”

As pressure for his tax returns increases with Harry Reid's conjecture that Mitt did not pay any income taxes for 10 years, Mitt's language skills again may be put to the test.