Charly is a wild-child drawn to Sam Roberts, an idealistic member of the LDS church. Opposites attract in this emotional film about the trials that need to be overcome when faith isn't shared in a relationship.

The hit LDS film Charly is celebrating its 10-year anniversary with a return to the big screen.

Opposites attract in this tear jerker. Charly walks on the wild side while Sam Roberts is conservative, idealistic member of the Mormon church. In spite of their differences, some people are simply meant to be together. But the relationship isn't entirely smooth sailing. 

"It's a film about overcoming trials and differences when beliefs aren't shared," says Nathan Smith, Project Manager and Campaign Strategist at Fluid, the full service ad agency handling PR for the movie's encore appearance.

West Ridge Academy is sponsoring the rerelease. "The message of West Ridge and the message of the film are parallell in many ways," Smith says. Both focus on faith as a catalyst for positive change. West Ridge Academy is a non-denominational school that helps young men and women ages 9–18 overcome trials in their lives through faith. A portion of the revenue generated by ticket sales and DVD sales will be donated to the West Ridge Academy Scholarship program.

Smith says the film is uplifting but people should be prepared to dab their eyes. "They should probably bring some tissues, it is rather an emotional film," Smith says.

To promote the film, there are a number of contests and promotions happening right now. Click here for more information. Starting Aug. 10 the film will run in select theaters throughout Utah.