It has been my good fortune to visit London several times the past couple of years working on an Olympic project. As we traveled through this fun city, it gave us the opportunity to search for the best fish and chips restaurant in all of London. And, the search was worth all the effort. 

I was thrilled to find Rock & Sole Plaice on Endell Street in Covent Garden. This very small corner restaurant with “shared” tables upstairs and down has been in business since 1871. Its colorful history only adds to the obeisance. I personally love the halibut and was thrilled to learn that the “thicker” British chips are lower in fat content than the American fry version (that should justify all the calories), but could it be that the mushy peas just add it right back? I promise, it is all worth it. So, my vote for the best fish and chips goes to Rock & Sole Plaice.

I took my research to the streets of Salt Lake City and I found Ethan Lappe of Caffé Niche with the opinion that the best fish and chips in the US goes to Doug’s Fish Fry in Skaneateles and Cortland, New York. This funky little restaurant has “no waitress” as mentioned on their website, but counter help only. It doesn’t offer the traditional mushy peas, but Doug’s gumbo receives raves. I can’t wait to try a “coffee shake” there as well.

So, I want to hear from all of you fish and chips lovers. Let us know what restaurant serves the best in the comments below. And, if you are in Londong to attend the games, check out Rock & Sole.

Maxine Turner is the president of Cuisine Unlimited and contributes monthly blogs about food, catering, trends and more to