He is a professional skateboarder. He is a model. He is from Draper. His name is Kevin Fedderson, and not only is he a rising star, but he decided to make an impact on kid’s lives through the Boys and Girls Club.

We talked to Fedderson about everything he does today. With beautiful words, he showed us the importance of helping those in need and how he's skateboarding for change.

We know you’re helping promote a healthy drink alternative to soda. Can you tell us why did you decide to promote it, what it is and why is it good for kids?

"I instantly knew I wanted to spread RevvNRG into the schools and public places. It is an all-natural powder you mix with water. It is cheaper than your everyday coffee or energy drinks. No jitters or crash, has full servings of fruit in it. So many vitamins and essential nutrients, acai berry, yerba mate, just to name a few. It is diabetic friendly and an appetite suppressant. I also love the fact it regulates blood sugar which can contribute to so many positive changes in the body. It is a clean-burning energy that supports you through the day. I am passionate about getting this into schools to replace sugary sodas. I know artificial ingredients only lead to problems now and problems in the future. Ingredients from the earth that haven’t been tampered with will only do good. The earth has the things we need to be healthy. The human body is natural and composed of things of the earth so it's only right we put those things back in."

What is the greatest advantage of practicing a sport?

"I started skateboarding 12 years ago. I was 10 years old when I started. The sport is so important to me because it is limitless. Everywhere you go, everything can be turned into an obstacle to skate. Seeing your everyday environment as a type of playground for myself. Nobody can defeat skateboarding in a sense. Compared to sports drawn within lines and with rules and regulations, skateboarding is entirely free. You make it whatever you want it to be. I played soccer, basketball and others growing up, but skateboarding made me creative and confident in my ability to go outside the lines. The confidence it gave me led me to approach every dream I had without doubt or fear. I find myself in situations that I would of never dreamed of because skateboarding was a stepping-stone in my life. I am still amazed at how much a piece of wood with wheels can inspire and drive somebody into other aspects of life."

How can it make an impact on kid’s lives?

"I know it can help kids because it takes so much determination and effort to progress. Landing a new trick is addicting, it is a good addiction that tends to void out the bad ones. I grew up in rough areas and had so many chances to take part in things that led many friends to jails and rehabs. I loved skating too much to care about anything like that going on around me. I know skateboarding gave me a career and fulfilled a dream, taught me tons and led me to the most important people in my life. I know it can do the same for others. Even if they don't want to be a pro skateboarder, if they can feel the creativity and confidence skating gives them, it can take them far in what they want to peruse and do in life."


What are the events you are doing in order to promote the charities effectiveness?

"I decided years ago I wanted to do charity. I received it growing up and know its effectiveness. I still remember vividly every donation that was made to my family and me. I knew I could impact some kids lives by donating essentials. I believe charity is how you pay your rent for your stay on earth. I guess I grew tired of talking about wanting to do things and make change. I had to actually do it. I had support of my mentors and friends. Watching them get excited to shop for those in need only got me more excited and felt like I needed to make this such a regular thing.

Spending time with kids at the Boys and Girls Club did more good than I would have known. I left a recent event with them so inspired to let others know that its not just kids around the world needing help. It's kids you literally pass everyday on the road or at the store. They need people to believe in them. If you take a look around at how much we invest in ourselves every single day its crazy. I only spent three hours there and felt a life-changing shift. I knew if I could get others inspired to go out to any charity event and just do it... They would get addicted to. it's the initial transition out of the comfort zone to really get down to it and act on your desires.

I have received invitations to Bulgaria, LA, New York, China, and other countires all to donate or hang with the kids who have seen my videos. Budget and product has been the only temporary halt in going. We will go, it's just a matter of when. This is why I am here, to raise awareness and start a movement. If the kids look up to me, I instantly have a responsibility to do what I can for them. I know seeing my favorite pros come through town and even give me a "whats up" would get me pumped for days. So if I have kids who are stoked on me, I can only imagine what hanging with them one on one for a while will do. Sitting down with them, teaching them to skate, donating essentials. I get excited thinking about it. I know I can't do it alone. I hope I can tackle as many interviews and publicity as possible to gain a following for the kids. So many don't realize paper, pencils, shirts, lunch money, little tiny things are what they lack. They are so grateful for things we toss and neglect every single day. People don't realize how much going and buying a notebook with a pencil pack, or a T-shirt would mean to them. That shows a symbol of love to them which gets them energized and motivated to make something of themselves."

Visit the Boys and Girls Club's website for more info on the charity.