In what could be the Mormon world's War of Roses, two of the culture's noblest families seemed headed for an ugly feud.

Rumors are flying thick that the House of Hunstman, led by Jon Huntsman Sr., is the source of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's embarrassing quip that Mitt Romney has avoided paying taxes for a decade.

Latest word is that Jon Huntsman Sr. denies he was Harry's source. Still a feud is in the wind because Huntsman Sr.--who has backed Romney in the past--is pressuring Mitt to release his tax returns. (In related news, Romney's most recent howler on the tax subject is his argument that "I'm not a business" and shouldn't be expected to be financially transparent to "investors," i.e. the voters. This, of course, is the same guy who explained to a heckler that "corporations are people, my friend.")

Despite having much in common, including the Mormon religion, obscene amounts of money and awesome hair, Huntsman and Romney have always been competitive. When Mitt was selected as CEO of the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics, the elder Huntsman, a huge Oly donor, was pushing Jon Jr. for the job. And of course, Huntsman Jr. ran against Mitt for the presidential nomination and got some good shots in.

Although Huntsman hasn't said it, Romney might be Exhibit A in his recent attacks on the GOP loss of trust with its  base. To make it a real family feud, Huntsman Princess Abby "joked" she was considering becoming a Democrat because she doesn't feel she has a "home" place in the GOP.

And this baloney just in: Huntsman Jr. to speak at Democratic National Convention! I won't believe it until Abby Tweets it.