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The one and only Margaret Cho is gearing up for her latest tour titled "MOTHER." The fabulously brash comic fills us in on hitting the road and what she enjoys about performing in Utah (she'll be in West Valley City on Sept. 5).

What inspired you to pick the theme of motherhood for your tour?

"I’ve been talking about my mom in my act for years, so I wanted to do a show that put a lot of material that I had about her in one place and expand on it. In general, talking about motherhood is something that’s relevant to me—not in the sense of having kids necessarily for myself but more about mothering the world. That’s my spiritual goal ultimately. I realize that I’m a really maternal person so it fits and it’s a lot of fun."

I've read that this is one of your edgiest shows to date. What makes it so edgy?

"You think about what mother’s are. You know, you have to have sex to be one. That’s the opposite of what we think of mothers though. We think of something very sacred, and holy and pure about motherhood, but actually you only get there from having sex. So I think that idea in itself is pretty edgy and the material goes with that."

What's it like to be one of the most outrageous comedians and coming to one of the most conservative states?

"I think it’s great. There’s got to be a different perspective there. People are looking for a different point of view and I bring that. I love that I get to do that and that’s really fun for me."

What makes you gravitate to these issues that make some people squirm a little bit in their seats?

"Things that people are more secretive about are more interesting to write about. The more taboos there are about things the easier it is to make fun of them. The things that we try to hide are usually what people are more interested in."

Margaret Cho's tour "MOTHER" comes to Wiseguys in West Valley City on Sept. 5. To purchase tickets, click here.