Driving down 400 West the other day, we spotted this in a parking lot.

The original food truck. We pulled over and I took a snap, humming to myself,

"Oh I wish I was an Oscar Meyer wiener.
That is what I truly want to be-ee-ee.
Cuz if I was an Oscar Meyer wiener,
Everyone would be in love with me."

I am not afraid to be dated. The other guy who had pulled over to take a picture claimed he only knew the tune, not all the words.

Funny, we were on our way to check out Carl Rubadue's Saucey Skillet food truck, parked up at the U.

This is a pretty new truck on the mobile food scene; Carl doesn't even have the trailer decorated yet. When it's fully tricked out, there will be a big crab cake on the back.
And that's what I was there for. I'd had Carl's crab cakes at the kickoff party for last spring's Tastemakers event and the taste lingered in my memory: crisp-fried, with fresh pink grapefruit sections on top, in a Thai-style ginger dressing.
For the truck, Carl uses Alaskan king crab and the cake comes on a lettuce-filled paper boat.

He's got other stuff on the menu:

We tried a chicken sandwich on ciabbatta with cilantro pesto and it was great.

Last week, we tracked down the Lewis Bros truck, which everyone but me has already tried.  There was a short line in front of us and an impromptu picnic on the grassy strip near NoBrow Coffee.

Small Lake City moment: one of the brothers, Oliver, plays on my daughter's kickball team.

Anyway, their street food-style falafel is the best I've had in SLC.  And the slow-cooked brisket with chili oil was a double-rich delight, the hot oil an extra glide of flavor on the already rich meat.

You have to wait for the weekend for Saturday's Waffle, a truck set up in a refurbished Shasta trailer.

The menu is all-waffle: bananas Foster, caprese, lemon curd and raspberry, over Liege-style waffles, made with real Belgian pearl sugar in the dough. They're served in style by a pair of bow-tied entrepreneurs in the parking lot of Dan's on Foothill.

The bananas Foster comes double-wide; there was a bush-full of raspberries on the lemon curd. My only quibble was the amount of topping. They almost drowned the waffle, so you missed the sweet yeasty taste.

Still, more and more, the best food deals in town are off the trucks. Can we please adjust the regulations so it's easier for these small business owners to make it?

P.S. In case it's not obvious, I didn't take the pics of Saturday's Waffle. They were taken by the more-talented-than-me Heidi Larsen.