The Saga Girls party Twilight style.

Utah is home to quite a few fan communities, like the TwilightMOMS fansite for adult women and the Crimson Fliers who play the Harry Potter-inspired sport quidditch.

But these sisters take it to another level.

Locals Kelliann Johnson, Nattilee Kinsman, Sadie Fowers and Cobilynn Dickinson formed their own fan group—The Saga Girls. All young adult fiction readers, these moms have made a splash, buying out an entire movie theater for premiere parties. 

It started when The Twilight Saga: New Moon came to theaters, and they made reservations at Olive Garden in honor of Bella, who not only celebrated her birthday in the film, but ventured to Italy. “We had cardboard cutouts of Edward, Bella and Jacob, and we had cupcakes and sang happy birthday to Bella,” Dickinson says. 

The Girls got more elaborate for the next Twilight premiere, and bought out an entire screening. They turned their fascination into an altruistic cause when The Hunger Games came to theaters, raising $6,000 for the Autism Council of Utah.

They plan to continue hosting events for the cause. “Utah has some of the highest autism rates,” says Dickinson, whose son has autism. “We want to raise awareness.” 

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