Summer is trying to say goodbye, and it's that time of the year that we start talking about Fall.

Don't worry because we are not here to bring you sad news. We are here today to share with you one of the coolest trends that is enchanting our eyes lately: denim prints! Yes. They are everywhere, as you may have noticed. At first, you may have found them way too colorful, but we say you should immerse on this huge sea of colors and choose the print that fits your style the best.

We went to two amazing stores to show you some of the prints that are turning the girls' heads.

Lolabella has these two beautiful pair of printed jeans. You could either go animal print or more floral. It depends on your style, but you can't go wrong with these.

Lolabella, Animal Printed Jeans - $200 

Lolabella, Flower Printed Jeans - $200

Bohme is also well prepared to say hello to Fall. Fall is starting to look a lot like Spring with these great floral prints. One more time, you could go with flowers or animal prints. I should say, both are lovely. Just a friendly reminder: Please, don't wear two different types of denim prints at the same time. We suggest you buy all, but use them with moderation. One piece per day!

Bohme, Animal Printed Jeans - $55

And it's not only about the pants. You could also play around with printed shorts or even jackets.

Bohme, Flower Printed Jacket - $30

And just to show you how to play around with printed denim, here are some of my favorites in my wardrobe lately:

Prints by Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom and Charlotte Russe.