The sight of these vividly colored red and white apples stopped me in my tracks yesterday while shopping the Harmons at City Creek. They were so striking, they reminded me of the witch's apples in Snow White.

And the flesh is paper white, as I found out the minute I'd paid for one and taken a bite.

There are hundreds of varieties of apple, so it's not that surprising that I wasn't familar with Akane. I bought a bunch and I Googled them. Turns out Akane is a cross between a Jonathon and Worcester Pearmin, so it's known as an excellent dessert apple. 

I like the small size of it–I'll leave the Hugi Fugi's to larger mouths–and although it's supposed to be a great cooking apple, i loved its tartness and fragrance for eating out of hand. Supposedly, Akanes don't store well, but I doubt we'll have a chance to test that.

The Downtown Farmers Market will continue into October, and the additional Tuesday night Harvest Market is going strong. That's still the best place to buy produce, but it's nice to see that Harmons supports local growers, too. These Akane apples were grown in Orem.