Bring the kids to the Utah State Fair for some farm work and Victoria Justice's concert, and then sign them up for cotillion. They'll thank you for that second idea later on.

Utah State Fair

The fair is already underway, and there's plenty to do with the kids at the event. In fact, the fair has a whole section of their website dedicated to kids activities, but are our favorites.

Little Hands on the Farm Exhibit

Kids can dress up like farmers and then get to work, scooping up feed for the chickens and gathering eggs in the chicken coop. Later, they can pick apples in an orchard, plant veggies, ride a tractor, groom the sheep, milk the cow and take their produce to the farmers market. Of course, most of these activities require a big imagination due to the fake... well, mostly everything, but it's been a favorite of kids at the fair for years. It's free, too.

Victoria Justice

Any kid older than seven and under 14, especially a girl, who watches TV knows Victoria Justice, even if you don't. Aside from acting in her own Nickelodeon show, Victorious, Justice is a singer, and she just released her new album Make It In America. She takes the grand stage at the fair at 7:30 p.m. on Sept. 10. $22 in advance, $27 on the day of the show. Click here for tickets.

Something else your kids know and you don't—her single, "Freak the Freak Out."

Jon D. Williams Cotillion

Social skills are an often overlooked part of a child's education, so to separate your kids from the pack, sign them up for cotillion. They'll learn the art of social dance, communication skills and set them on a path for leadership in school and their future.

Cotillions will be held this fall and winter at Park City's Temple Har Shalom and the Country Club at Salt Lake City for kids ranging from fourth to eighth grade. 

Cost is $200 or $240 per student depending on age. Click here for registration.