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Editor’s note: In our last issue, we ran your feedback on Matthew D. LaPlante’s June story, “The Myth of Mitt,” about Mitt Romney and the Salt Lake Olympics. The response was so broad that we saved some letters for this issue, too.

While I understand Mr. LaPlante’s perspective and grant that some of his points make sense, he failed to understand what Mitt contributed to the 2002 Olympic Organizing Committee on Sept. 11, 2001, and beyond. The morning the first tower was hit called into question, in a very real way, whether all the efforts of many dedicated people from around the globe would be for naught. Countries, athletes and sponsors spoke of pulling out and not coming to America. In the midst of this uncertainty, there was one guy who led us through the turmoil—that’s right, Mitt. 

Had he not been there, with his ability to lead, his commitment and his compassion, I’m not sure Mr. LaPlante would have had anything at all to write about. In the end, a lot of nations, including our own, had a cause for celebration and a moment of uplift thanks to the 2002 Olympic Winter Games.

—Leslie A. Bates, former employee of the 2002 Winter Olympic Organizing Committee

What an incredibly well-researched article. I like the way the author brought us the list of former countries’ problems and scandals connected with staging the Olympics. Atlanta 1996 still stands out for me. To this day, the city has not made any attempt to point out that two innocent people lost their lives in the bombing. 

I appreciate the bravery of Jimmy Carter in standing for world honor in not allowing our athletes to attend the 1980 Moscow Olympics. However, here we are sacrificing our human and financial capital in Afghanistan. Will the madness never end?

—Pat Dasko, New York City

The June issue featured two articles which were “left leaning” and personally offensive.

No. 1: “Myth of Mitt,” which discredited the role Mitt Romney played in the Olympics held in Salt Lake City. No. 2: “Welcome to the Gayborhood,” which touts the emergence of the gay, lesbian and transexual residents of the city. 

I always viewed the magazine as a travel publication which features restaurants, hotels and other attractions. It has, until now, been interesting and informative. [But] mixing liberal social agendas with conservative Utah is stupid. Bashing a person such as Romney in Utah and criticizing the Mormon Church and BYU is not only stupid, it is unbelievably arrogant.

—John Dedolph, Lamoille, Nev.

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