DAVE ALVIN, THE STATE ROOM, Friday, 9 p.m., $20

Dave Alvin is one of America’s music treasures. Not only is he a dynamic songwriter and excellent guitar player; he is also a one-man encyclopedia of music history. I’ve had the chance to interview Alvin a few times, and there are few artists as engaging to talk to, about any number of topics. Whether you’re talking about his legendary roots-rock band The Blasters, his brief stint with X in the ’80s, or his long-running solo career, Alvin is always a worthy listen. A quote he has prominently displayed on his Web site says it all: “There are two types of folk music: quiet folk music and loud folk music. I play both.” His latest album, Eleven Eleven, is a fine example of just that.


Even if Henry Rollins had done nothing after his stint as lead singer of punk legends Black Flag, he would still be a towering figure of American alternative culture. The fact that he’s spent the past 30 years expanding his artistic reach via writing, acting, leading the Rollins Band and entrancing spoken-word performances is proof that the passion he showed as a long-haired punk rocker is still boiling inside the guy. If you’ve never seen him do spoken-word, you’re in for a treat–it’s part standup comedy, part history lesson, part political diatribe, part travelogue and all entertaining.

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