Ute's coach Kyle Whittingham

Last Friday, we conducted a survey to get our readers predictions and opinions on the Holy War rivalry football game between University of Utah and Brigham Young University.

In the end, the Utes won the game 24–21 with quarterback Jon Hays after the announcement of Jordan Wynn's retirement. While U fans celebrate, here are the results of that survey so you can see just how right you were.

Now that the rivalry is taking at least a two year hiatus starting in 2014, do you think the Holy War can finally be declared over?

75 percent—Now way! The rivalry will never end.
20.8 percent—Absolutely, it's been over since the Utes went to the PAC 12.
0 percent—Absolutely, the Cougars have outclassed the Utes and don't need to play this little game anymore.
4.2 percent—BY-who? Utah What?

Who is going to start Saturday's game for the Utes?

41.7 percent—Jon Hays
12.5 percent—Travis Wilson
16.7 percent—Who cares? The Utes are going down anyway!
29.2 percent—Doesn't matter who, the Utes are going to win anyway!

Who will win this Saturday's game?

45.5 percent—University of Utah
27.3 percent—Brigham Young University
18.2 percent—Doesn't matter, I just want to see some great football.
9.1 percent—What game?