Stipes with animal prints, polka dots and stripes, floral and plaid - these days mixing prints and patterns is all the rage. The rebellious world of fashion is breaking the rules that once would have had the fashion police on our tails. (Remember that old no no of black and brown together? No longer.)

This fall, think outside of the old school trends box and mix up your wardrobe a little. Be daring and create a striking style all your own.

A key to mixing patterns is to look for pieces that complement each other. No, I don't mean pieces that are matchy. Matchy is boring. Start out by mixing subtle patterns - a polkadot top with watercolor printed jeans, for example. 

If you're feeling a little timid to break out of your shell, we've thrown together a few examples to help.

Stripes with Animal Prints

Top: Bohme, $26.50 | Skirt: Michael Kors Jaguar Print, Nordstrom, $79.50

Dots with Tribal

Top: Lauren Moffat, Koo De Ker, $268 | Jacket: Cynthia Vincent, Cake Boutique, $325

Polka Dots with Moroccan Printed Watercolor

Top: Urban Outfitters, $39 | Pants: Fresh, $88

Animals and Dots

Top: Anthropologie, $48 | Skirt: Bohme, $38.50