My husband and I just adopted our first child, a little boy we named Jack. When we found out he would be joining our family, we only had five weeks to prepare for his arrival, but I already had an idea of the kind of modern look I wanted for his nursery; it was just a matter of finding the elements that fit.

I wanted to room to be relaxing because I knew that both Jack and I would be spending a lot of hours, both morning and night, there. I also wanted it to feel clean, so I stuck with a neutral color scheme of gray and white with pops of mustard yellow in a few accessories (i.e. a lamp and a pillow).

The Crib

The crib was the first item I picked up because I felt it was most important in saying, "Hey! This room is for a baby!" I wanted it to dictate the tone for the rest of the room. Ours is and Oeuf Robin model, and I ordered it online. It is sleek and simple.

The Rugs

Because I would be spending almost as much time in Jack's room as he would, I wanted to include elements that reflected my own taste. I love texture, and a large cowhide rug and smaller sheepskin rug have added a soft feel to the room. The sheepskin is soft and pliable enough that it looks great draped over the end of the crib.

The Dresser/Changing Table

A multitasking dresser was important because the room needed storage, but also a space for a changing pad, a few decorative accessories and a lamp. I found this West Elm dresser at a local DownEast Home store. It was dark wood, but with a few coats of white paint and a little enamel, you'd never know it didn't come from the store that way.

The Glider

Again because the space is small, I looked for a sleek, modern chair that was stylish and functional. When I found this Graham Glider at West Elm, I knew it would be the perfect fit. And it was even the perfect shade of gray to complement the rest of the room.


A lamp is vital for middle-of-the-night feedings and changings because then we don't have to turn on the overhead light, and the baby stays calm and sleepy until he's finished eating, and falls right back to sleep. 

A few pieces of artwork for a gallery on the wall and some unique animal figurines give the room a sophisticated and modern feel without screaming baby.

Buying Guide:

IKEA Cowhide Rug

Oeuf Robin Crib

West Elm Hudson Dresser

IKEA Sheepskin Rug

Wall color: Valspar Filtered Shade (Looks brown here, actually is a very light gray)

Girl+Parrot Balancing Print

West Elm Perch Glass Lamp

Girl+Parrot Nightwalk Print

West Elm Graham Glider

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