This is your last weekend to vote in Salt Lake magazine's Farm to Glass cocktail contest.

It's easy: go to the participating bars, order a delicious hand-crafted cocktail invented just for the contest, use the QR code on the drink recipe card at the bar or go to and vote for your favorite.

But who cares how easy it is, really? Mainly, it's fun, and a chance to compare the creations of Salt Lake's talented mixologists. Make it your weekend project. We'll announce winners next week.

Participating bars and mixologists:
Bar-X, Bartender Richard Noel: Bridger's Gin Fizz
Copper Onion, Bartender Jimmy Santangelo: Snake Bite
Finca, Bartender Scott Gardner: Sugarhouse Smash
Faustina, Bartender Hillary Merrill:Curiously Cucumber
Wild Grape Bistro, Bartender Sean Neves: Simmerdown Now

Watch SLmagazine editor Marcie Cancio and myself take the first sips at Wild Grape, Copper Onion, Finca and Faustina.