Repertory Dance Theatre is honoring the ground-breaking revolutionaries...those who are daring, expanding, challenging, and re-defining dance with a three night performance of Embark, October 4-6, 2012 at 7:30 pm.  With choreography ranging from the modern dance legends, Merce Cunningham and Michio Ito, to new and inspiring work by the RDT dancers and local choreographers Jacque Bell & Barton Poulson, this concert will explore ideas of East/West cultures, the Avant Garde, and dance & technology.

Pieces include:

by Merce Cunningham

A lively, playful, athletic dance for 9 dancers, performed to a sound-score created by John Cage. The choreography keeps the dancers constantly in motion, never staying in a given place for very long, with two or three things simultaneously occurring on stage at all times.

Bill Allred of X96's Radio from Hell and Ricklen Nobis of RDT will deliver the John Cage narrated sound-score live on stage, alongside the dancers. Cage presents a string of stories and anecdotes, a mix of quirky poetry, Zen precepts and family history guaranteed to amuse.With the elements of chance and choice given to the narrators, the narration, and therefore the composition as a whole will be different each time it is performed. “The effect,” Cunningham once said, “was a bit like watching a playground full of children, with these two crones in the corner talking about things that were completely irrelevant.”

RDT performing Cunningham's "Scramble" in 2011

RDT spotlights the work of a unique Japanese artist, Michio Ito, one of a boundary-crossing generation that brought about the literary, musical and artistic breakthroughs of modernism, and the eclectic beginnings of American modern dance.

by the RDT Dancers & the Community

RDT embarked on a new project—creating choreography by incorporating movement phrases donated by the community. During the Utah Arts Festival, RDT invited people to contribute eight seconds of movement to be put into a “movement bank.” Over 75 people (of all ages and abilities) shared their movement including pedestrian actions, gestures, shapes, or dance-moves that were part of their own movement language. As Merce Cunningham would have suggested, “human movement has limitless possibilities.”
The individuals who provided the movements will be acknowledged and invited to see the completed work in the EMBARK concert. A video that includes the entire collection of movement (the movement bank) will be displayed in the lobby and a portion of the video will be included in the performance. 

Hello World features digital imagery created from the dancers' movement.

by Jacque Bell & Barton Poulson

Hello World is an interdisciplinary, multimedia collaboration between a modem dance choreographer – Jacque Bell – and a social psychologist/data scientist – Barton Poulson. It uses dance and digital imagery to create visual and kinesthetic order and disorder. "Hello World" is a play on internal drives and external perceptions.

Pre-Concert Lecture with Linda Smith & Barton Poulson - free and open to the public!
 October 5-6 at 7:00 pm in the Rose Room (downstairs at the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center)

The details:

October 4-6, 2012
Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center 
Jeanne Wagner Theatre 7:30 pm
October 4 | Community Night - Tickets $20* ($15 seniors/students)
October 5-6| Tickets $30 in advance* ($15 seniors/students)
 Tickets available through ArtTix | 801-355-ARTS | 
*Tickets will increase by $5 on the night of the performance.