Watching cat videos is everyone's secret dumb indulgence. Or maybe not. Maybe it's just mine. When my cat Frito was a kitten, we used to watch them together on my computer. Yes, I was watching a cat watch cat videos. If you think that sounds fun, not pitiful, check out this event at Westminster.
This is a real event, not just another chance for me to post a picture of Frito.
Westminster is hosting the college's first-ever Cat Film Festival on October 4 at 7:30p.m. in the new Bassis Center for Student Learning.
Inspired by the Internet Cat Video Festival at the Walker Arts Center in Minneapolis, MN, two Westminster staff members and cat lovers decided to coordinate a quirky event of their own for the campus.
The event will kick off with some light refreshments and a "free catnip toy" giveaway for the first 25 attendees. The event will include approximately 25 internet cat videos and will last about 1 hour.
For more information, visit the college's Facebook page here.