Is there a way to give your kiss the “zing” that your significant other says it's lacking? Or a way to increase the thrill you already get? According to Dallas Robinson and Mike Buonomo, the answer to both of those question is "yes."

These entrepreneurs have taken kissing to a whole new level with their unique product, Kisstixx.

More than just another lip balm, Kisstixx ingeniously comes in flavorful pairs such as Peaches and Cream, Pina Colada & Strawberry Daiquiri or Fire and Ice—the most popular combination. The idea is that you get one flavor and your partner gets the other. The lip-balm is specially engineered with chemicals that will react when they encounter the complimentary flavor so that when you kiss each other, your significant other can no longer complain about lack of tingly excitement.

The idea was initially formulated while in high school, when Dallas was afraid that his love of skiing and snowboarding would discourage any cute girl from wanting to kiss his chapped lips. Though the idea got put on hold for a while, it resurfaced when Dallas and Mike joined forces in college and finally went to work on it in their dorm rooms.

The product has received remarkable attention, most notably and recently from the appearance of the CEOs on ABC's popular show Shark Tank where it was pitched to a team of five entrepreneurs and business executives. "Shark" billionaire, Mark Cuban, claims it is the best pitch he has ever seen and offered them a deal of $200,000 for a 40 percent stake. 

We asked Dallas some of our own questions about the product:

How long have you been working on this exactly?

"I originally had the idea in high school and I've wanted to work on it ever since, but really only since 2 and a half years ago in college."

This was an easy ride, right?

"I think we encountered the same problems every company starting up does. One was funding, the other was marketing and distribution. We decided social media was a really good option, mostly because it was really inexpensive, then we could get a good following and go from there. We also thought reality TV was a good way to get our name out to a lot of people very quickly."

Is this only going to be cool with the teens?

"Sixteen to 25 is the age group we kind of anticipated. When we originally started, we didn't think married couples would use it as much as the teenagers. I mean, I was thinking in college how useful it would have been in high school, but as we've done some studies, we've discovered that married couples are often looking for something to spice up their relationship and are buying it just as frequently."

Do you have a favorite flavor?

"Strawberry Daiquiri and Pina Colada, definitely. It reminds me of being on vacation."

Why "Kisstixx"?

"We always kind of knew that's what we wanted to call it. The spelling was the biggest thing we had to decide on. We didn't know if we wanted it to have the three Ss or how many Xs. We finally decided on this spelling for marketing purposes. We wanted to create a new word that would be instantly recognizable and identifiable and Kisstixx was it."

What advice motivated you the most?

"We were given a lot of advice, but the one piece that stuck with us that Mark Cuban always told us was 'Work every day like someone's trying to take it away.' Whenever we think of that it gets us motivated to work hard."

Find out more about Kisstixx by visiting them on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.  

And check out their clip from Shark Tank: