One of Salt Lake's coolest dining events started Monday and runs through October 21. Dining Around the World introduces a local chef to the cuisine of Utah's refugees. Chefs worked with refugees from all over the world, learning about their native cuisine and ingredients, then came up with a representative dish to be offered on their menus for a week. Proceeds from each of the refugee dishes support refugees in Utah via utah Refugee Coalition.
We live in the greatest melting pot in the world, and it is the mixture of cultures that makes this country great and unique.
They say to understand a person, you must share his food: Here's your chance to take a virtual visit to Sudan, Somalia and the other countries many of your new neighbors come from. Utah ranks 5th or 6th in the number of refugees it takes in. Be proud of that and help out.
Participating restaurants:
Cafe Trio, Oasis Cafe, Finca, Caffe Niche, Squatters Pub Brewery, The Rose Establishment, Tin Angel Cafe, Liberty Heights Fresh.