Salt Lake magazine was at the first night of Red Butte Garden's After Dark, on Oct. 18, and we really wish we brought the kids. 

If you have young ones, bring them by for some Halloween fun.

At $10 ($5 for members), it's probably one of the cheapest outing you'll have this season. Free for kids 2 and under. Tweens might get pretty bored, since it's more kiddie crafts than scarry stuff. It also gets cold in the garden at night, so bundle up.

Those crafts include paper torches at Frankenstein's Lab, bird feeder's at Dracula's Crypt and werewolf masks at the Werewolf Den. Our favorite craft was definitely the paper candles you can set afloat on Red Butte's pond—it's a stunning sight.

Kids will also love an ancient Egyptian maze and Monster Alley, which is a "haunted" shortcut through one of Red Butte's wooded areas. Nobody was there to jump out and scare us when we passed through, so kids won't get too scared.

Other activities include face painting, pumpkin painting and depending on the night, Bug Brigade, where you and the kids can check out insects and spiders with Natural History Museum of Utah volunteers, the owl encounter, where you can get photos taken with a Eurasian Eagle Owl brought by Skyking Birds and Spooky Stories, where professional story tellers do what they do best.

Here's a schedule of the nightly performers:

Bug Brigade—Oct. 19, 20, 26, and 27
Owl Encounter—Oct. 26
Spooky Stories—Oct. 19, 20, 25 and 27

The hot chocolate/cider vendor takes cards, and the Better Burger food truck was also parked there for the night. The event itself runs Oct. 18–20 and 25–27.

Create a paper lantern with your name on it, and set it on the water.

Werewolf masks at the Werewolf Den.

Search the mummy's tomb!

Make sure to grab a Beter Burger while you're at the Garden.